When You’re Not Feeling Well

It is really hard to not feel well when you are on vacation. I knew that I wanted to spend time with my friends when I was visiting them but they told me that they were worried that I was not feeling well. I told them that I would rest the first day I got there in bed so I would be ready to go out and I also went and found an urgent care in Rocklin CA where I was able to go in the morning and I was really happy that they gave me a bag full of fluids to help me perk up and it was just what I needed since the flight was delayed for ten hours and I had to wait another five to get on the airplane, then it was a coast to coast flight. I was so tired but they knew just what I needed to feel better in a short amount of time.

In order to be sure that we were going to be able to go and have a party that night I was telling the nurse that I had to have some sort of fluids as I knew what it felt like to be dehydrated so she also had the doctor order a blood test so that they could see what everything looked like. I also had them to a urine to see how dehydrated I was and they said that they were going to order it anyways and I was so happy that it was a great thing to happen. Friends also came to see me while I was in the urgent care for an hour to make sure that I was okay and going to be able to get back to the hotel without them, and that was so nice.


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