Weddings Are Always So Stressful!

My little sister said that she wanted help planning her wedding so I told her that I would help her. I was so happy to see that there were so many other people that were willing to help her within our circle of family and friends. I wanted to be able to help her without having to worry about being far away, so I got our cousin to help because she lived in Chicago, where my sister was getting married. She had no problem finding Chicago wedding videographers that were willing to live up to all the things my sister wanted to make sure was recorded on her special day. My sister was so stressed out about having the perfect day that she did not think straight about any decisions that had to be made. I wanted to make sure that she was really happy with everything so she did not have to worry about anything other than having a great time at her wedding and spending time with her new husband.

My mom and dad were worried about my sister having some sort of nervous disorder because she was so worried about every little detail. I was worried that she was going to worry about everything on her big day and it would pass her by, so she would not have anything to remember other than being stressed out. I remember on my wedding day, I was so at ease with everything, people were worried that I was going to crack because I was not stressed out at all. In the end, we had a great night and my new husband and I were glad we let other people do all of the worrying for us, it was a great time that was had by all and I am so grateful.


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