We Wanted to Offer More to People to Keep Their Interest

Our health network has been growing quite well over the past 25 years. We started out with just one office in the center of the city, and now we have 15 buildings on two sides of the city. We offer everything from general practioners, oncology, CT scans, OB/GYN, and so much more. We had Massive Infinity set up a new system and website for us recently. We want older customers to know that we offer more than what the traditional mom and pop office where only one doctor works can offer. We also want newer customers to be engaged and interested in using our services. You can only do that if your site looks up to date and you can offer what other places do not.

Our first plan that we wanted to carry out was to set up a system where our customers could log in and have access to all of their health records. We wanted them to be able to see lab results and even notes from doctors and nurses. Not only would this cut down on the amount of time that our own employees spend on the phone, it would also save our clients time, too. So far, we are receiving a lot of positive feedback from many different people who use our services. We hope to expand on our offerings there in that system over time. It runs beautifully, and we have had no glitches or any other trouble.

The other thing that we wanted to do was to have a mobile app game created for our client’s children. We have quite a few pediatricians on staff, which means there are often a lot of kids in the waiting room. To keep them calm, busy, focused and not running around the lobby, we thought that a game would be perfect to keep them entertained. So, we had that created, and that has been a big hit with almost all the kids.


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