We Have Mostly Moved in

We have most of our stuff moved into the house, although most of it is still in boxes or laying about randomly. We have not had time really for anything. We had no clue that our older house would be such a hot commodity. In fact I have had this new house for almost nine months, but it was quite a mess and needed a lot of my attention and time I could not use all at once while working for the city. I still need to find an Asheville tree pruning service to help me with the trees in the yard, some of them are rather dangerously hanging over the house and the driveway. Of course you do not really need to have them over your cars if you are picky about them.

I have an old pick up truck that belonged to my grandfather, a 58 Chevy Apache and I have to find a place where stuff is not going to be falling on it. The beater I drive every day has to have about two dozen little dents and dings from stuff falling from trees on it. So at any rate I want to clear the trees from over the driveway before I start parking my truck and my boat over there, not to mention the new Audi that Mary is so proud of. If it is not too expensive I will get them to drop a couple of trees in a spot where I want to build a shop, with carports on each side of it if I can make the space for it. My hope would be to build something similarly sized to an old barn, with a loft above it so that we could have a lot more room than we have now, perhaps space for a pool table.


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