We Both Get Fancied Up

One of the things that I remember most about my mom when I was a kid is how much she loved to get fancied up. That was her term for it, and I grew to love those times. As I got older, she would help me look my best too, whether I was just going to school, to a dance, or out on a date with someone. Now that she is older and not able to get out as much as she could before, I have hired a mobile hairdresser in Melbourne eastern suburbs to go to her house once a month and get her fancied up for a girls’ day out.

When I was just a young girl and not able to do my own hair, my mom would take care of it for me. She would cut it at times, and she would always style it beautifully for me. That is why I wanted her to continue to help me as I got older. Now that she can no longer do her own hair quite so good, I knew that I had to find someone to help her out. I would have done it, but I just don’t have the talent for it.

I was able to find a hair stylist who is actually mobile and does hair in the region that my mom is in. I could not have planned this more perfectly. Her fees are quite reasonable, considering that my mom only has to open up her front door to have her hair professionally done. The stylist does such a fantastic job, and I have even had her do my hair a few times when I am there. This is my way of giving back to my mom, and we have such an amazing time on those days where we both get fancied up!


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