Thinking of Making a Web Page

I have been trying to make a bit of money on the side and thinking about the best ways to do this sort of thing and so I have been thinking about doing some sort of web page. Obviously most of the really big ideas have been taken and it would require slugging it out with giants if you wanted to do most types of e commerce. Today I was looking at this web page which said something like Gen Z agency and it claimed that it was content for kids by kids. I got to thinking about a similar concept, one where there would be some interactive elements. That is important when you think about what I want. The idea is that you need to have a lot of traffic, obviously because that is how you get ad revenue and there are a lot of ways to get there if you think about it. Obviously you need something that people are interested in for a theme, sports or politics for example. Either would get you traffic if you did it right, but you would get all sorts of discord too.

I think that it might actually be a good idea to sow discord in some ways though. It is not really a good thing for our country that everyone likes to yell at one another rather than do anything that is positive, but if you just wanted to profit then you can see that it is obvious that there are millions of people who have absolutely nothing better to do. In fact I suppose you could tailor the site to one side of the divide or the other, but that is not really all that exciting when I think about and I really do not agree with either side to be honest.


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