There is a Song in Everything

I have a habit of writing songs about the most random things. I’ve been playing the guitar for nearly 5 years, and since then, I’ve been writing songs about anything that comes to mind. I wrote a song about feeding my cat after it knocked over its food bowl one day. I wrote a song about sitting in traffic when I was stuck in rush hour traffic for an hour. I even wrote a song about cleaning services in Tampa when I hired one to clean my home. As the cleaners were doing their job, they could hear me out on the porch, strumming away at my guitar.

One of the reasons why I hired the company because I wanted to have a professional touch on my home. The other reason is because I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my home. I guess if I spent less time writing songs and playing the guitar, I would be able to clean my home, but then I wouldn’t have such awesome songs under my belt.

The idea for the song that I wrote while the cleaners were at my house came to me when I was listening to them clean. I heard sweeping and scrubbing and the vacuum cleaner whirling around. All of these sounds mixed together started to sound the like beat of a song. I took out my personal tape recorder, put my guitar along with the cleaning rhythm, and started singing any words that I could think of at the time. I bet my neighbors thought I had finally lost it, but I didn’t care. When the cleaning crew was done, I uploaded the song to my computer and did some editing to clean it up a little. I need to think of a new name to classify the genre of music I created with the help of the cleaning crew.


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