The Perfect Shirt to Wear Outside

When people find out I am a vegetarian, a lot of them are surprised. That is because a lot of them think that I enjoy hunting, since I like to go out into the woods. When I go, I am wearing my camo, which just adds to the mindset that I am going hunting. I don’t go out to shoot deer and turkeys with a gun though. I am a photographer, and I shoot them with my camera instead. The last time I went out, I wore my Blitz long sleeve shirt that my wife had bought me for my birthday, and it is by far the best shirt I have worn on one of my outdoor excursions.

In fact, I enjoyed wearing it so much that I ended up taking photographs of it and putting them on my social media page. Something this nice cannot be kept a secret! The shirt is very lightweight, but the protection from the elements that it provides is second to none. I actually remember thinking that it was not going to keep me too warm, but looks are very deceiving. I also love the pattern of it because I like to blend into the scenery.

It makes taking pictures of the different wildlife much easier if I am as hidden from them as much as possible. Now, while it was cold on the day I went out, that does not mean that I was also not sweating. Getting deep into some of the brush can take some energy and effort, and that means I can sweat a lot too. Wearing this blitz shirt means that I continue to stay dry though no matter how much I may sweat. I could not be happier with this shirt, which is why I am going to buy a few more for myself now.


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