The Marcellus Shale Project in Southwestern Pennsylvania

The Washington County area of Pennsylvania is really being developed for the Marcellus Shale natural gas and oil industry. I grew up around here seeing oil and gas wells here and there on rural properties. I suppose it is normal to see huge fields of oil-pumping wells in other states. I have always thought it cool to find them here. There has always been a lot of natural gas wells though.

I see a whole lot of PEMB construction services nowadays all over the place. PEMB is pre-engineered metal buildings. They are put together by a company in Washington, PA that is just up the road from my house. They work together with an electrical contractor and environmental company to give you a compete solution for your metal building needs.

Those steel buildings go up fast. You can get them in all kinds of colors, but the color that seems most popular around here is a yellow-beige. The old industrial buildings built of steel that have been standing for many decades and still in use are often blue. I like the steel buildings that are a deep burgundy red with gray trim. That looks very nice to me. The red with white is nice too. It is like some of the old barns I used to see growing up around here.

Homeowners here have gotten thousands of dollars for access to their natural gas under their properties. Some struggling farmland owners suddenly got a couple hundred thousand for natural gas drilling rights and even more if they let the company they contracted with drill on their property. We only own about an acre, so it was just a little bit too small to get a drilling contract. However, we did get about two grand for the natural gas drilling rights.


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