Spicing Up Our Corporate Events Makes Our Employees Happy

The company I work for started out small and has grown increasingly larger in just ten year’s time. Management does what they can to keep employees happy within reason. Last year, I helped the vice president of the company figure out what type of corporate party entertainment we should have last December at our first annual Christmas party. The event was a hit with everyone who talked about it to us about it for many weeks afterward. We plan to do it again this next year as well.

I was one of the first ten employees hired to work at my company. It’s interesting to work for a company from the beginning because it gives you the insight to see which things worked well and which things didn’t. I’ve watched the company grow each year, and I really hope to stay with the company over the long haul. I am the vice president’s assistant, and I enjoy all the tasks that are given to me. It’s important that this company do well because I can continue to do well if the company succeeds.

Due to the fact that our Christmas party was such a great hit with everyone last year, management decided that we should hold some mini events throughout the year, too. The next one I plan to organize is an annual awards ceremony to honor employees who have done really well within the business over the past ten years. A lot of companies have boring ceremonies where nothing much happens other than employees standing at a podium to give a speech after they receive an award. Offering entertainment will make things much more interesting for everyone. We also plan to offer a fully-catered buffet for all reward receipients to eat at the beginning of the ceremony as well. I’m looking forward going to it, as I’ve been told that I will be receiving an award myself!


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