Something with an Eastern Look

Whenever spring hits, I always do shopping to update my wardrobe. I get rid of the things that I think have overstayed their welcome and fill up the closet again with the latest fashions. I was looking for a pink classy dress that I could wear on multiple occasions, but the regular clothing stores didn’t really have anything that looked impressive to me. I turned to online stores to find just what I wanted. I found one particular online store that has a fashion line inspired by Asian culture. They had a pink dress that was unlike anything I had ever seen.

The dress was truly unique because none of the other stores here sold anything like it. It was something that you could only see created by someone who was specifically thinking about Asian culture. I loved the dress from the moment I saw it and ordered one in my size. This was my first time actually ordering a dress from an online store. I’ve ordered belts, purses, and even shirts, but never dresses because I wasn’t sure if they would fit. Even though websites offer the ability to select sizes, sometimes the sizes they have listed don’t fit the exact same way on a person. My brother has the same problem when he buys suits and slacks, and sometimes he has to have them altered by a tailor.

As soon as the dress arrived in the mail, I tried it on. To my surprise, it fit right out of the box without any adjustments. I wore the dress the next day and I felt so good in it. My friends loved the dress too and wanted to know where they could find one, because they hadn’t seen it in any stores. I told them about the online store and they spent the whole day browsing it.


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