Some Are Nicer Than Others

Most people have a select list of things that are required for the place that they live. I have a friend that will only live in the best and nicest Atlanta luxury apartments because they offer the great amenities of home and you don’t have to worry about having to be bothered by excessive repairs. When you pay more things, sometimes you get what you pay for. I knew that I was going to pay a little more to have the perfect apartment. I wanted to make sure that I had a place that was secure. I live alone and as a woman I know that making sure my building security is topnotch is a priority. There are many people that tell me to make sure that there is a gym in the building. I don’t understand why they want me to have a gym because I work so many hours, I think getting up from the couch to heat up a pizza in the oven is work.

I thought that there was going to have to be a few buildings to choose from but I was thinking that I should make a list of my priorities. If I had a checklist then I could compare all of the buildings along the same lines. It was not a priority for me to have things like a concierge or go-for services. Although I have to say, many of the buildings that I was already looking at had their own concierge. I decided to have a look at two of the buildings that I had already visited with my best friend and she agreed that we were going to have to agree on a place because she was moving in with me. I was shocked and elated, we found a place for both of us to enjoy.


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