Seaside Residences for Sale in Singapore

It took a number of years, but I have finally managed to put myself in a financial situation where I am going to be able to afford to buy a place of my own. I am very thankful that I am in this situation, because I have been renting for years, and I have always hated it. Mostly from the perspective that it is a waste of money that could have been invested in the ownership of your place of living. Anyway, I want to find online listings for seaside residences in Singapore that are currently for sale.

I would prefer to buy a residence that is new, and which has not been lived in previously. I am not sure how realistic that is going to be though, because even though I do have enough money to buy a place right now, it is not the case that I have a whole lot of money and rather, I am going to be rather restricted when it comes to the number of residences I look at, simply because I imagine a lot of them are not going to be in my price range.

Accordingly, it would be a big benefit to me, if I can find an online listing that allows you to input a price range, and then sort the listings within that price range, from the lowest priced residence in the listing, to the highest priced one. That should allow my search to be much more efficient than it might otherwise be, and it will prevent me from wasting time looking at houses or condos that are outside of my budget. I definitely want to buy something by the sea if I can afford it, because I love being able to look out of my window and see the ocean.


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