Scrapping Metal for Extra Money

Worldwide increases in commodities such as copper and aluminum, especially as China begins to get fully industrialized continues to grow. This is great news if you are an industrious person who can gather up scrap metal in your neighborhood. It does not matter if you load up the trunk of your car or the back of your pickup truck or van. As the price of scrap metal continues to rise, you can earn extra money by taking it to recycling facilities that pay for it by the pound.

Clean bare metal fetches the biggest prices. However, even scrap copper wire with insulation still on it nets a nice price. Aluminum cans are easy to transport, and you can fit a lot of weight into a vehicle if the cans have been crushed before bagging or boxing them or sticking them in barrels. When you get to the scrap yard, they will have you empty the cans onto a scale. If you have barrels, they may weigh the cans in the barrels, then subtract the weight of the empty barrels from the total. Even old car, motorcycle and lawnmower batteries can be sold. Do not throw it out until you see if it has a scrap value to it.

Most coax cable is not worth much. The copper center conductor is usually only copper over aluminum. Most of the weight is made up in the insulation and the braided ground wire. Solid copper wire and windings from motors are worth more. Other sources of aluminum are old gutters and downspouts, decorative columns, pots and pans with handles removed and more. Steel is worth less money, and you often have to have a lot of it to make it worth your while to scrap. Even old air conditioning units and refrigerators have a small value at many scrap yards. Carbide filings can be worth a lot of money.


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