Routine Carpet Steam Cleaning Keeps It Looking New and Smelling Fresh and Clean

If you have dogs, you are eventually going to have an accident on the carpet. Even if your dog never has a urine or fecal matter accident in the house, it is practically a given that they will eventually throw something up on the rug. It is what dogs do. We get regular carpet steam cleaning because we have several rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting in our house. I like how it feels underfoot, and it is nice and cozy and warm to stretch out on in the winter in front of the TV. I like it under my feet on cold winter nights in the bedroom too.

Most of my neighbors have laminates and hardwood flooring in every room of their homes now. I can see having tile in the bathroom and a smooth floor in the kitchen and dining room. Hardwood in the hallways is okay too. I just do not like it in the living room or bedrooms. I really like wall-to-wall carpeting in a light color. Not white, but a lighter color than deep blues, greens, reds or browns. I also like thick pile carpeting. Not the shag carpeting of the 1970s. That is too retro for me. I just like to feel soft carpeting and the thick luxury padding under my bare feet in the living room and our bedroom.

Well, if you have carpeting like that, it needs regular cleaning. One of us vacuums every single day. We have dogs, so it is an absolute necessity. Our house is clean, and our routine carpet steam cleaning helps keep it that way. All carpeting is a dust magnet. You cannot get away from that. Getting it thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis makes it keep on looking, smelling and feeling great for a very long time. Our carpeting looks like new even though we have three big dogs and three big kids!


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