Protecting Expensive Rifles on the Hunt

I have a precision rifle I use on my large game hunting trips out west. When we go bear hunting, you do want a gun that shoots well and handles flawlessly in the field. I paid just as much for the optics as I did for the rifle. It really is able to pull in the light in all weather conditions, and it maintains its accuracy through the bumps and scrapes of field use. The first accessory I bought was a neoprene scope cover. I got a scratch on the scope on my first hunting trip. I am very particular about taking care of the guns I own. The cover over the optics takes the abuse of field conditions. It protects the scope barrel as well as the glass from rain, grit, rock and tree scrapes and more.

I wish I would have bought a scope cover before that first trip afield. They are very inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of the optics themselves. I also found a camo kit made of neoprene to protect the stock, barrel and fore grip. Except for that one scratch on my scope, my rifle looks brand new season after season and hunt after hunt. We get into some interesting terrain too. I have stayed in tents and cabins and hunted different large game in the various states. I like bear hunting the best.

The place where I got my scope cover has them available in different name brand camouflage patterns to match the area you will be hunting in. I know guys who have camouflaged rifles, but you are stuck with one pattern when you do that. I can adapt to any terrain by simply slipping on a different scope cover and camo kit in a different pattern to match the terrain where I am hunting.


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