Pots Can Even Make Cake

I can’t believe how quickly these easy Instant Pot recipes cook in my new Instant Pot. I’ve had the pot for a month now and anything I throw at it will cook. I wanted to give the pot a challenge, so I looked up something that would probably not be normally made in such a pot. I found a recipe for a cheesecake and decided to try that. I had never heard of anyone making cheesecake in anything except for an oven, so this one was really going to impress me if it actually worked.

I bought some ingredients for the test and followed the recipe instructions to the letter. I have a habit of over mixing ingredients sometimes when I make cakes, and it usually results in the cake being a bit on the hard size. A lemon cake that I made turned out like a loaf of cornbread. This was before I had the pot, but still, I wasn’t much of a great cake maker. Once the pot started making the cake, I went off to read a book that I started earlier in the week. It was a good science fiction novel about a chef who had to cook for interstellar beings.

I was able to finish a few chapters of my book before the pot stopped cooking. I took a look at what the pot had done, and it produced one of the best looking cheesecakes that I had ever seen. The pot had done the impossible. I decorated the cake with some strawberry topping and whipped cream. I called a friend of mine over to taste the cake with me. When I told her that I made the cake in my pot, she couldn’t believe it. She thought the pot was only good for cooking meat and vegetables.


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