Perfect for a Child Who Enjoys Puzzles

Floor puzzles for toddlers is an excellent learning tool for very young children who are already showing an aptitude for puzzles or problem solving. Our toddler, who is very smart, started showing an interest in putting things together very early. I think he was barely crawling when we noticed that he would try to fit things together. It was an astonishing thing to see, and we wanted to see if he truly was a problem solver at such a young age. That’s why we got the floor puzzle. We wanted to leave him with it and see what happened. We didn’t need to wait long.

The foam floor puzzle in very durable and soft, and more importantly it is safe. There is no possible way a child could swallow a piece or harm another child because it’s so soft. The softness also means you can literally throw one of the pieces at the walls or furniture and all it does is bounce off of them. The puzzle is also brightly colored and really draws the eye. He went right to it and started messing around with the pieces largely due to the color. It’s so colorful even my eye is drawn to it!

So he started picking up the pieces and looking at them and I sat down and put a few of the pieces together so he could see what he is supposed to do. That’s all it took, really. He started messing around trying to fit the various pieces together and became so involved in the puzzle that he tuned everyone else out. I’m proud to say that he put the whole thing together very quickly and seemed very proud of himself. He didn’t set a world record doing it, but he loved it enough that he took it apart and started doing it again. We might have a future engineer in the house!


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