Pay Stubs for My Brother

I have owned my home repairs company for several years. When my brother lost his job about a year ago, I asked him to come work for me as a subcontractor. I had way too much to handle on my own, and I had been turning customers away for several months because of an already too heavy workload. I did not want to hire on anyone because I am quite picky about how work gets done, but I knew my brother would be a great fit. He did ask me if I could make a pay stub for him though, even though he was going to be handling his own taxes.

He wanted this for his own records, and I thought it was a good idea for my own records too. Plus, he wanted to buy some tools off of me, but he said he would have to do it under an installment plan because he had went a few weeks without any income. I had no problem doing this. I even wanted to give him the tools for free, but he would not hear of it. He insisted that I take a deduction from his pay every other week for this.

I was able to find a really good program that helped me do just that. All I had to do was put in different pieces of information at this website, and it also allowed me to do miscellaneous deductions too. My brother did not know this, but every time I took out a 50 dollar deduction, I also gave him a 50 dollar bonus that week. I make more than enough money, and I did not want to take any away from his and his wife and kids. It has worked out really well for all of us, and he is much happier working with me than he was at his former job.


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