Our Roof Lost the Battle with the Big Oak Branch

Crazy weather stuff going on around the globe. While people are talking about global warming and climate shift, I was worried about the wind damage to our roof. We had put on a really nice metal roof a few years ago, and a big tree branch and gusting winds tore up a big section of it. I called specialists in roof replacement in Brisbane to come out and give us a quote to replace the whole thing. We really liked that roof over the shingles we used to have. The red color looked great, and it kept the house cooler with the insulation underneath it.

I was not expecting that big oak that has been in the yard since I was a kid to have a big branch fall on the roof.. I remember when the guy who owned the house before us planted it. We kept it trimmed, but these crazy winds really got that tree moving, and that big branch destroyed where it hit. Oak is a very heavy wood, and it crushed through the roof like it was foil over sticks. Shingles would have fared much worse. Then the wind caught the edge of the busted roof and lifted it like a sail. There was heavy damage, but not anything that could not be repaired by an experienced roofing company.

The company we hired that does roof replacement in Brisbane got everything back to normal. You cannot even tell there was any damage at all from the outside. Inside, the only thing you can see is the new rafters in the section that was damaged during the storm. Other than that, it is like it never happened. That is a good thing as it really scared my wife and kids. Me too! So much so that I had the big oak cut down. It was too close to the house. The only trees we left close to the house where ones that did not extend above the roof line and were not as dense and heavy as oak is.


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