My Mom Didn’t See What I Was Sure of Very Early on

My mom used to just smile at me when I told her that I would grow up and one day be in a band. “That’s nice to hear, but you need to make sure that you finish school, dear,” is what she used to tell me all the time. That meant that she felt that I would need to make sure that I get my education in the very possible case that I never made it into any band. But now I do have my own band, and I just bought a band backdrop to use for the new gigs that we just landed. I was never surprised about how well my group is doing, but my mom is!

Mom let us play in the basement for many long hours while I was growing up and my bandmates came over to practice. We have lost a couple of members here and there, but we have gained some new members. We have been practicing for years, and we have always offered to play for free at friend’s parties. This really helped people to learn who we are and what we play. Within about a year of doing that, we found that people began calling us to ask if we would be interested in playing at their parties, too. Word spread. It was fantastic, and word does not seem to be slowing down at all!

At one particular party, a guy who owns a club was in attendance and he really liked what we played. He approached us at the end of the party and asked if we would be interested in playing for a full night at his club for real money. We told him that we’re very interested, and that one gig helped us to get on our way. Now, our phone rings constantly with different clubs asking us to play for them, too.


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