My Journey Up the Corporate Letter

I have always been a driven and competitive person. I was groomed at an early age to be the best at every little thing I did. My personal life, my career, and family are important to me. There was one problem that I had. I was afraid of public speaking. I always got nervous in front of large crowds. I would sweat profusely and stutter during my speeches. It was so embarrassing. I had a big presentation for a promotion for my job. I needed executive public speaking training to help me with my presentation. This could make or break my future.

My adventures in the corporate world began in college. I interned at a very prestigious financial firm in Atlanta. My boss was Mr. Jackson. He took me in and taught me everything that I know. Despite my young age, Mr. Jackson saw something special in me. He knew that I was very driven and that I had a bright future. Mr. Jackson was so impressed with me, He offered me a job straight out of college. I accepted. I have been an employee of Mr. Jackson for five years.

After working at the company for five years, I became aware of an opportunity. The company was looking for a new executive positions. All I would have to do is make a very impressive presentation to the company executives. Mr Jackson suggested that I apply for the job, but I was nervous. He knew about my fear of public speaking. Mr. Jackson introduced me to an old friend of his who was a public speaking coach. For a short time, the coach helped me. He trained me and gave me tips to calm my fears while speaking to the executives. I was confident in myself.

The coach’s lessons worked like a charm. i got the promotion and now I am an executive. My career has improved and I am making more money to support my family.


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