Moving in with My Fiance Has Been Worth It

I thought that I had the next 10 years planned out. I wasn’t looking to date anyone. I just wanted to finish my sophomore year in college. And I was really enjoying spending the time. But I met a great guy who lives in another state, and that’s how I soon found myself looking at apartments in Tampa FL with this guy who is now my fiance. My parents were really worried at first about me moving across the country for someone that I have known for only 8 months, but it has been great. I took a leap of faith, and I was lucky that it worked.

I’ve never been the boy-crazy type. In high school, I soon became estranged from friends because all they could think about was dating. Their grades suffered, and none of them were talking about going on to college after graduating from high school. I had nothing in common with that because I had big plans. I kept to myself and got straight A grades in school, and then went to college immediately after graduating. I was happy doing that, and I knew that being studious would put me on the path more quickly to the career that I wanted.

I actually met my fiance online. We were in one of the school’s online forums discussing one of the classes we were both taking. We hit it off after dating long distance, and he asked me to move to Tampa where he is. I told him that I needed to finish out the school year, so I did that. Then, I transferred to the university near where he lives. We got a new place together, and he’s great. My parents were worried for nothing because he is every bit the great person that he was when I first met him.


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