Moving Back to Where I Grew Up Was a Welcome Change

I began looking at apartments in Rio Rancho as soon as my aunt called to tell me that she had just had a visit with my mom and felt that it would be good for mom to have someone helping her out on a daily basis. My mom has some cognitive problems and they had been getting a little worse over time. I knew that I would need to talk to mom about it, but there was no sense in letting her know why I thought it would be a good idea for me to move there. My aunt had told me that it was a must. She is disabled herself and didn’t think she would be able to handle being a caretaker for someone else. I agreed.

I knew the prices pretty well in the area where my mother lives because I grew up there. I just wanted to make sure that I could find something that would be available fairly quickly and would also be near where mom’s place is. My plan was to move there first and live in a two bedroom apartment. Then, over time, I would figure out how to get mom moved in with me. She doesn’t have a second bedroom, and I didn’t want to shock her by just asking her if I could live with her. She would wonder why. My plan was to get her comfortable with my place, and then tell her at some point that she should just move with me because I would love the company.

I called my mother that night to let her know that I missed her and was thinking of moving back home. She was thrilled about that. I had already secured a place. I had the ability to do that online after simply looking at floor plans and photos. I had been wanting to make a change in life, and this would work out well for mom and me.


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