Looking to Keep My Hair and Body Natural

I have been contemplating a new look for myself. So I have been looking on how to keep natural hair straight. I have struggled with this issue my whole life. I hate to use a lot of chemicals on my hair. I do not like to use them anywhere on my body, really. I use natural body lotions. I only use organic. I do not need my skin absorbing those chemicals.

There is already a high history of cancer in my family. Many of the chemicals in beauty products increase estrogen which in turns raises the risk of cancer. I want to do everything I can to lower the risk. I am avoiding sugars as much as I can and eating healthier. I am taking supplements that help lower estrogen and decrease cancer risks too.

The hardest thing is getting more exercise. I do walk my dogs several times a day but they are walking less with winter. I have been doing a lot of house work. I’d like to think that counts some. I tried yoga but that is a lot harder than it seems. I may still give it another shot. I need to find something that clicks with me.

So with all this focus on the importance of my heath I have to find a natural way to make my hair manageable. It is hard to find anything to do with my hair right now that looks good. I would really like it straighter but do not want to use chemical straightness. If there is any natural way that works I will be more than glad to do that no matter what it takes. I can find a bit more time for it in my day if I need to. Even a bit more expense would be okay by me.


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