Looking for a Good Job

It is not like I am finding the sort of job that I am hoping to find, so at the same time I have been looking for a temporary job in the mean time. I got this one offer and I have no clue how to even think about it. The job would have required me to do tarot reading over the phone. I have no clue what that even means. I have a really vague idea of what tarot is about, but it is not something that I could do over the phone. I do not think that I could do it at all. I wonder how much effort they would put into teaching the people how to do it. Of course the whole thing is silly in my opinion. I suppose that most of the people who call in are going to be not taking it all that seriously. They are going to be looking at it like is entertainment. That is what I tell myself when I buy a lottery ticket. I say that it is only a few bucks and it is nice to imagine winning.

At any rate I was not even a little interested in that sort of thing. It would not be as bad as being a telemarketer, but I can not imagine sitting around and waiting for people to call you about something which is absurd on the face of it. Having to actually do the work would just baffle me. I need the money to keep me afloat, but I simply could not do something of this sort. I am probably going to end up waiting tables for the short term. That is something which I have done and you can make decent money if you get the right job where there is a good customer base.


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