I Put Someone in the Hospital

I did something stupid not long ago. I was out drinking a few beers with some friends, and I got into a pretty bad fight. I had some bruises, but I got away lucky, at least physically. The person I was fighting with ended up being hospitalized. It wasn’t because I am that great of a fighter. Rather, it was because one of my punches knocked him into the wall, making him fall and hit his head. I was charged with assault, and I knew I needed a good Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to help me out.

I had never been in any kind of trouble before, not even a parking ticket. This was so out of character for me, but in my defense, I was protecting one of my friends. I am not a violent person, but the person I fought with could not say the same. He was trying to get someone I treat like a little sister to dance with him, and he was not taking no for an answer. That is how we came to blows, which is how he ended up in the hospital, which is how I ended up getting charged with a crime.

Even though there were extenuating circumstances, the police still had to charge me with a crime. I wanted it to go away, because I am an upstanding member of the community. That is why I hired the best criminal defense attorney. He was able to get the charges reduced, and I did have to do community service as part of my reduced sentencing. Thankfully, the other person was not hurt too bad and was released from the hospital the following day. He has since gotten into more trouble, and he is looking at a long jail term now. Everything has worked out, and I am just glad I had the representation I did so I could put this behind me.


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