I Just Got Back from Georgia

I drove down to Georgia this morning and waited for my big sister to call me. Of course she seems to be pretty scared of how her husband Jake is going to react when he finds out that she has hired a divorce lawyer in Suwanee GA. I have known Jake for a long time and honestly I never really liked him a lot. Some folks think Deb married him to make her father mad. If that was the goal, then she certainly got that done. At any rate that is over and done with now, it only took about twenty one months. The problem is that Jake is not the sort of guy who takes things like this well, and of course he has about a dozen guns. I brought my gun too and I am sure that he will know that I know how to use it.

At any rate we managed to get it all packed up and in my truck before Jake knew what was going on. She followed me in her car and we did not tell him where we were going. Deb had found a new job in another place, she had been working on it for months. Of course it was not complicated by kids, so we could pack things up in a couple of hours and blow town with no problems. We got to her new place before the sun went down and I helped her move into her new apartment. I managed to get back home before midnight and of course my boss was glad that things had gone well. He had figured things would get really hairy if Jake found out what was going on. The guy has a long history of going off the deep end, it was a miracle he never served time for it.


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