I Got the Last Apartment at a Great Place

When I saw a new apartment building going up in my neighborhood. I enjoyed watching how the construction was coming along. I knew there were a lot of luxury apartments in Atlanta but I didn’t realize there would be some so close to where my own place was. So, it was really interesting to see how it all came together. The bottom floor was made for retail businesses, and the luxury apartments are all on top. I was eager to see if any of the new businesses would be restaurants, and I liked seeing the colors and materials used for the entire buiding.

Despite the fact that the banner on the building said that the prices were affordable, I just saw the word “luxury” and had it in my mind that it wouldn’t be affordable to me. It was just lucky that I heard about how much the monthly rent on one of those units owuld be. When I realized that the rent at my place was more and my place was smaller, I rushed to see what the new place was like. I found out that all the units were rented out because so many people heard how nice the new place is.

About 3 days after I found out that there were no available units, the apartment manager called me. She told me that someone backed out of renting the place and she wondered if I was still interested. She said that she knew there were other people interested, but she noticed how crushed I looked when I found that there were not units for me. I told her right then to email me the contract. I promised her that I owuld sign it and send it right back over to her. I will be moving in soon, and it’s going to be great.


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