I Got My First Cavity

I woke up last week with the most awful pain in my mouth. I could not pinpoint exactly where it was coming from, and I thought it was my sinuses acting up at first. It did not take too long before I knew that it was definitely just one of my teeth, and I needed to get to a dentist in Roseville CA as soon as possible. The only problem was, I had never been to a dentist here. I moved here almost a year ago, so I already knew that I should have been an established patient at one of the many dental practices around here.

That is just one of those things I kept meaning to do, but it fell off my radar more times than once. I could no longer put it off though, and I went to my computer to see not only which dentists in the area were accepting new patients but one that could get me in to be seen as soon as possible. I was upset over the pain because I take good care of my teeth, so I had no idea what was going on.

It did not take me long to find a dental group that would see me that morning. It did not take me long to get ready, and I was in their office within the hour. I was so happy that they allowed me to be seen as an emergency. I guess they could tell how much pain I was in. After filling out some paperwork, I was taken right back. It ended up being a cavity, my very first one in the 30 years I have been alive. The dentist filled it, and the pain was gone. I know that I never want another cavity because they are just too painful, but it did get me to the best dentist I have ever had, so that is a plus!


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