I Found a Place Really Near Work

I used an apartment finder for San Antonio to find this place, which is on Vance Johnson about five blocks up Wurzburg from my new office. It is a really nice place with all of the amenities, a great fitness center and two swimming pools. Of course it is too nice for me to afford on my own, but I sort of got lucky. There is a fire station just on the other side of the intersection. I knew a couple of firemen, but none who worked here. However I called them both up and told them what I was up to. Of course this place would be really great if you worked at this fire station as well. I was not really expecting that this was going to work, but it turned out the second guy I called told me that he was about to get transferred to this fire station. So he was interested in the idea. That was great with me, because I did not want to have to figure out if some random guy was worthy of my trust.

You do not end up paying half as much when you get a roommate, but the savings are really significant and it is enough that the cost is going to be something that I can afford to pay. I really like the fact that this guy is not going to be up partying all of the time especially. The guy is one of those fitness nuts. So everything that I keep in the fridge is going to something that he will not touch. He will not drink a beer and only on rare occasions will he drink a single glass of wine. So you do not have to worry about him drinking all of your beer, even though that is not so big a deal to me.


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