I Found a New House

I started looking for a new place to live as soon as I got my first real job after college. That took some time and I was starting to get a little disheartened, but finally I got the break that I am looking for. At any rate I started to look for houses in the immediate area as soon as I left the job interview. This place does need a bee exterminator in Scottsdale so I may not keep it really. I pretty much knew that they were going to hire me from the start. The guy was trying to hide the fact that they were really in a bind and that they really needed someone with the computer networking expertise that I had acquired after so much time and effort. At any rate they called me the next morning and asked me if I could start immediately, which I could. I had already told the pizza restaurant that it was pretty likely I would have to leave abruptly and my boss lady was happy for me.

At any rate I found a really nice situation for myself, almost entirely through good fortune and with almost no skill involved. I simply ran into this guy I had been in a computer science class with a couple of years ago. I never mentioned the fact that I needed a new place to stay, instead he asked me if I knew anyone reliable who might need an apartment. He and two other guys were sharing a really nice place in a luxury apartment complex, but one of them had been transferred to the London office of the bank that he worked for. So they needed a new person to replace him. It is good that they wanted to run into me too.


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