I Am Looking at Home Security Systems

We have been thinking about this since someone kicked in the door of the house up the street. The thieves did not get very much, because the lady across the street was outside and she heard them making all that noise. They took off running through the woods and of course the police did not really send a search party through the woods for some punks who broke a door down and stole nothing. We have been looking at information on the topic and there is a lot to think about when you buy one of these systems. The basics are pretty clear. It just boils down to motion sensors and cameras, but you can really get all sorts of things on top of that.

The motion sensors are really easy to understand and I would guess that anyone could put them in. You have two parts which line up with one another, one on a door or a window and the other next to it. If the door or window opens then the two of them are no longer beside one another and the alarm goes off. In theory this is all that you really need, but there could be other reasons that they might come apart. For example you do not want them to be too sensitive, they only need to go off when the door is open and not when a bug gets in the gap. The camera is a great thing to have, but you would like it to be hooked up to the web so that you can see what it sees even when you are not there. That means you know if you need to call the police or if your great aunt Clara has dropped by with a jar of blackberry jam she made for you.


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