I Am Living in Brisbane Now

I have to explain to people back home that this is a place on the West Coast of Australia. It is not that far from Indonesia and New Guinea if you are looking at the map of the globe. It is really nice if you are a surfer like me. I had been living in New South Wales, in both Melbourne and Sydney. However I think I like it better here since there are less people fighting for the waves. At any rate today I have a guy talking about AFL tips to me. He is a really keen gambler and of course the AFL is the Australian Football League, which is not football or soccer as you might think. That was what I thought at first, not that it was American football. Instead I thought that it was a soccer league. Of course it is a unique game (Australian Rules Football) and they call it footie here. It would take me a long time to explain it.

Of course the local team is called the Brisbane Lions and I have been to a couple of game, in particular a big rivalry game against Gold Coast. I did not really grasp the subtleties of the game, but there was a lot of beer and the people were really excited. In fact I am pretty sure that there must be a lot of problems with concussions and head injuries in this sort of thing. It does not seem possible that there could not be any. There are a lot of collisions, it is an integral part of the game, and they do not wear helmets. In fact they do not wear any sort of protective gear. It is clearly a dangerous thing, but they love it with a really insane type of passion.


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