I Am Helping with a Wedding

I ran into this guy the other day and he knew that my employer was closing up shop. So he introduced me to his boss and told him all about me. I realized that I was being sized up for something and it soon came to me that my friend was trying to get out of something. It was a wedding planning gig, the boss told me that his wife and daughter were driving everyone crazy getting ready for a wedding. They sent me to a place called the Singapore aesthetic centre and I met with this really cute young lady and her mother. They were doing this stuff that is supposed to make you slender. This machine that they have is supposed to freeze the fat in the midsection of your body, one side at a time. I do not know if it really works. They had already done it when I got there. The younger one looked skinny, but I did not know how she started out.

Of course they were excited when they learned that I had some experience in this. I had been working for a large hotel that did a large wedding business and it had been my job to coordinate things. So immediately I set out to figure out what the parameters were. You most of all need a budget and you need to have a guest list. The big expense is usually food. For example if you have a hundred people and you feed them steak and lobster, that is probably going to run you around ten thousand dollars. If you have twice as many people it is going to cost you twice as much. You can feed them mac and cheese if you want to reduce the cost or you can cut the guest list down.


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