I Am Determined to Follow Through This Time

I had too many silly excuses as to why I didn’t go to college when I was a young person. I have been paying for that in the way of hitting a wage ceiling at most jobs that I have had because I don’t have a degree. So I have decided to do something about it. I’ve been applying for different scholarships to help pay for school. There are so many available. They even have scholarships for people with glasses that you can apply for. It’s really amazing how many options are available to help people pay for schooling! I’m grateful because it is a must that I follow through on getting my degree.

I really never took college all that serious when I was much younger. It is a shame that the drive to get a degree was simply missing from my life for so long. I’m in my forties. So I know I will be one of the older students in most of the classes that I sign up for. But that’s not a problem because it is more important that I actually graduate this time. I did try to attend college place in my early twenties on two occasions. Both times, I dropped out. I just didn’t have the drive or determination back then most people do have at that age.

Whenever a friend tells me that their son or daughter is ignoring college, I often take the time out to talk to him or her about it. I’ve let them know how much I’ve struggled without the extra four years of school that you really must have so that you can move up in most any company that you work for. I explain that it is no fun not being able to pay your rent on time every month. It is frustrating to struggle with your grocery costs repeatedly. I have wasted a lot of money and time because I didn’t follow through long ago.


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