I Am Busy Around the Clock

I have been working pretty hard and I am also going to school after I work a full time job. I found a pretty good place to get my h2 physics tuition. Of course I am sleeping on the couch at my Mom’s place and none of this is much fun for me. I am around the clock pretty much. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning until the moment that I close them at night I am busy either working on my job or on my school work. It is going to be like this for at least three or four months, that is how long this course should take me to complete and after that I am just going to get started on the next one. Of course I may not do it right off. I may just wait for a week or so and take some time to breathe before I go on to the next course.

At any rate I am actually making decent money now. I have a job at a very expensive restaurant as a member of the wait staff and you can make pretty good money doing this. In fact the typical bill at this place is over a hundred dollars per person and so if you have a full table that means that you might have a thousand dollar order. Obviously you want to get a good tipper and you hope to fifteen percent of the total. You do not always get it. Of course they put a hundred dollar bill on the table and figure that you should be happy with that. The boss expects us to share it with the kitchen staff and you kind of need to, since you need those people to work hard so you get tips.


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