I Am Actually Good at Coaching

It turns out that I am not too bad at coaching kids, although I really did not learn this by my own desires. I was working at a restaurant, in fact I had been doing this off and on since before I went to college. The job was better than you expect once I got to wait tables, since it was an expensive place and that made the tips bigger. My boss got me to coach his kid’s soccer team, since he knew that I was good at that. I just now got in the pro socks for the team, they were designed to match the uniforms and they also promote the restaurant. It sponsors the team and the whole thing is a big tax dodge from what I can tell. The boss is paying me to do it and the more we win the more he seems to pay me. To be honest winning seems very easy, because the competition just does not seem to be up to our level.

The big thing is that we have two kids who are really good. Both of them are Hispanic, and both of them have been playing the game their whole lives it would seem. We have a couple other boys who are fairly good, including the boss’s youngest son. I work extra with him because that is the real source of the job and the pay. At any rate they are really a good deal better than any of the teams that we have played and most of them were really keen to learn. I just really only had to install a system, one which really just involved putting the ball in the scoring area with the best players forward. Most of the time they seem to be able to find the opponents making mistakes they can exploit.


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