How to Improve Energy Efficiency of Your Windows Without Replacing Them

An extra blanket keeps you warmer. If you have a cooler filled with ice, and extra blanket of insulative material keeps the cold in .This is how insulation works no matter if it is adding a layer of fiberglass insulation to an attic in a frigid climate or keeping the heat out of your home or office building by using double glazing in Sydney for the window glass. You might be surprised to learn just how much money you can save when it comes to heating and cooling when your look at having an extra layer of glass installed on the inside of your existing windows. That thick glass and air space can add up to a significant amount in energy savings over a year whether it is keeping the summer heat out or the heated air in during the winter.

You don’t even need to replace your windows as there is a way now to get an extra layer of thick 8mm window glass installed using a frameless system on the inside of your existing windows. The glass panels are great to let you get full access and view to and through your existing windows. The discrete hinge and the secure spanjolet lock make your existing windows more secure too. A spanjolet lock is a handle you push or pull that secures the new glass layer into place. You cannot circumvent their security with any tricks burglars typically use to get in. You probably know tricks to use to get into your house with your existing windows. If you don’t, I bet your teenagers do! Anyway, these window add-ons are very secure.

The air space between the new window glass and your existing windows is sealed making for an increase in energy efficiency. Air space and not having the air move is the hallmark of how insulation works to keep out heat or to keep it in depending on the season.


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