Got My Drunk Driving Charges Reduced!

A good dwi lawyer in Schenectady NY should be able to represent you in court in a competent manner. Considering this was my second offense, I needed to find the absolute best attorney in town. I coasted through the first offense, as most people do, and then didn’t learn my lesson. I was horrified to learn that the second offense is far more serious in terms of jail time. I thought I’d have to pay more fines and probably do some serious probation, but they’re really cracking down on repeat offenders and I feared that I would have to do jail time.

I remembered my old attorney and decided to go with someone else. I just thought he didn’t have the killer instinct I needed to beat this charge. With the thought of staying in jail for a few months looming in my mind, I spent a lot of time online looking through firms, reading reviews, and asking questions. I also asked friends and family if they had any good ideas. I was serious about finding the best person for the job. I wanted a proven track record in dwi cases and I eventually found the perfect firm.

The result? I beat the charge! I didn’t get off entirely, but my lawyer managed to call into question the breathalyzer and the charge was reduced to a reckless driving citation, which meant no jail time. I did lose my license for a couple of months, but thanks to the reduction I didn’t have to have one of those blowing devices installed in my car. It’s a lot easier going into a job interview and explaining away a reckless driving charge than it is explaining a second offense dwi, let me tell you. My lawyer was the best! I couldn’t be happier about the whole situation!


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