Getting My Yard Cleaned Up After a Wind Storm

I had to call a Nassau County tree service company after a severe wind storm came through and damaged a lot of trees. It even knocked over a 100-year-old maple tree that was one of my favorites. I didn’t call them right away. I thought the downed branches and toppled trees were something I could take care of myself. Well, after being outside for almost two hours attempting to clean up the mess and trim the trees, you couldn’t tell I had been out there doing anything at all. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. As soon as I recovered from being overheated I took to the computer to search for a tree service company that could finish the job for me.

It didn’t take me too long to find one that offered tree removal and pruning. The company I found has been in business for decades which is a very good sign in my eyes. They are a locally owned and operated small business. They also have certified arborists on staff and are members of several professional organizations for their line of work. I decided to give them a call to have them come out and give me an estimate on the work I want to be done. They will provide me with a free quote and I am under no obligation to hire them if I choose not to.

When I called to set up the appointment I found the representative to be extremely friendly and helpful. He was also sympathetic toward me for trying to do it on my own. We scheduled a meeting for the next day around noon. I know I made the right decision by outsourcing the storm cleanup. It was simply too much of a job for me to handle on my own.


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