Getting Help to Make Physics a Career

My toughest classes in school were all about math. Not the concepts and theories of math. Just working the problems. I perplexed my teachers in that I understood theories but had trouble with the problems. I had the same trouble in physics when it came to working out specific problems. I could ask questions about science topics to satisfy my curiosity that were quite advanced. Then I would have trouble with some of the fundamentals on tests. My teacher suggested physics tuition to my parents. She told them that my mind was jumping ahead in thinking about scientific possibilities without getting grounded in fundamentals first.

I did need to understand more of the basics in order to make better connections with the advanced stuff that was always on my mind. I enjoyed physics a lot even though I was not at the top of the class. I understood things about particle physics that allowed me to think about possibilities for things that are on the cutting edge of the field even though I would get average grades on tests for physics concepts that are basic fundamentals. The physics tuition really helped me to understand and test a lot better.

This was important as my interest in the sciences was growing daily back then, and I needed to do better on paper in order to get into a better university. I advanced my two grades in testing in no time when I had my physics tuition to help me. The teacher was fun and very dynamic. Now, I am in my first year at university and I am sailing along just fine with my science classes. I have a strong grasp of the fundamentals, and a lot of self-study knowledge of advanced post-doctorate degree physics too. The tutor helped me get balance to be able to pursue physics as a career path.


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