Flowers for My Beautiful Sweetheart

I had been dating my girlfriend exclusively for nearly three months. I wanted to do something really nice for her, but I also wanted it to be something that I had not done for her before. Even though it was only three months, we had really done a lot in those 90 days. I was thinking of something romantic, and that is when I decided to look online for a florist that does flower delivery in Melbourne for cheap. Now, I am not a cheapskate by any stretch of the imagination, but this was also just one part of my surprise for her.

When I came across the website for Flora Laura, I looked only at the romantic flower options. I was really impressed with what I saw there. I knew that she would like the red or pink roses, but they just seemed to be the type that I would send her for a future anniversary. I was looking for something more lighthearted for this occasion. As soon as I saw the floral arrangement called Brightness, I knew that it was the one for her. The best part about the arrangement is that it had roses in it too!

It was a mix of pale colored flowers that consisted of roses, alstromerias, and chrysanthemums. The roses were pink, and the other flowers were yellow and white. There was some greenery and filler mixed in as well. It was just a really nice bouquet that is for someone really special, which she was and continues to be for me. I could have gotten down on my knee and proposed to her that day when I gave her the flowers, because I knew that she was my happily ever after. I saved that for our six month anniversary, and she said yes! Of course, I had the red roses for her on that day.


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