Finding the Perfect Place to Live in Far North Dallas

If you have ever been to Dallas, Texas, you can see why it was a setting for a popular TV show. Dallas is a big place. Houston is a lot bigger, but Dallas is not slouch at 385 square miles of space. That is why when you are looking for a place to live in Dallas, you need to be specific as to what area you want to live in. We were looking for apartments in far North Dallas when we discovered The Oaks. It is a nice place that is like our own little oasis in the region of the metropolis of Dallas. When you see cities like this, you wonder how human beings can coordinate its function to keep things like the electricity and the water flowing along with the food coming in and the garbage and sewer waste going out. The scale is phenomenal.

Of course, the goal for where you live is to have all of that infrastructure support just work so you can relax at home to get refreshed to do your job that pays your bills. In between those things you throw in a little family stuff and entertainment and other things and call it a life. We have enjoyed our apartment at The Oaks since our first day here when we slept on an air mattress. We did not even have a regular bed yet, and we were eating microwave meals even though we had a fully equipped kitchen.

I remember our first night trying out the three swimming pools on the property. We wore ourselves out moving stuff in and swimming. Being in a pool always makes me sleepy for some reason. We have been settled in now for months, and we like everything about our place from the pools to the neighbors. The fitness center even has bottle and towel chillers. That is a nice touch. We are up early to work out. We are the first to arrive at the gym on most days. We have covered parking in a gated area, and that is a nice secure touch. we are so glad to have found The Oaks of North Dallas.


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