Finding Our Next Home is Fun!

My husband told me to go look at a website he had discovered when he was doing some research for a client of his. He had to look at and knew that I would really like it too since we had been talking about finding a condo that we really like. Neither of us wanted to settle for something though, which is why we did not mind taking our time. We are living comfortably right now where we are, but we would like to live closer to where we both work so the commute time is not nearly so long.

When I went to the website that he told me about, I was pretty excited once I saw what it was. It has all of the new launch details for condos that are in development right now. There are pictures, floor plans, details about amenities and features, and so much more. I was not concerned with the financial aspects of it as my husband takes care of all of that. I was mostly interested in looking at the pictures of the different condo developments and seeing if one of them moved me more than the others.

I was happy looking at all of them, but there was one that stood out more than the others. I just liked the way that the entire complex looked, plus I was able to get information on what stores and restaurants are around it. When I noticed several of my favorites, I knew that this was the place we were meant to be. My husband looked at the features offered there, and he was pleased too, especially with the several swimming pools and the fitness center that is there. The time frame for the completion fits our needs too, so it really does feel as if this is meant to be!


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