Figuring out How to Save Some Money

I have really started thinking about how I am going to lower my total bills enough so that I can do some of the things which I have decided that I want to. Obviously there are some things which you can get a better deal on and other things which are pretty much etched in stone. I figure that cable TV and Internet are the best places for me to look for saving. I think that my cable company is probably charging me a whole lot more than they should. Looking at the Direct TV plans and prices gives you the impression that the cable company is a whole lot of pirates. They could probably charge you half as much as they do, and if they had more competition it is obvious that they would have to do that. My cable company has a deal with the local government. The county gives them a monopoly and in exchange the cable company kicks back a percentage to them. It is like a concealed tax. Of course the consumer gets the raw end on this sort of a deal. In fact I figure that for a short period I could probably do without paying for TV at all. It would probably have to be during the summer for me to convince myself to do it. In the fall and winter you have basketball and football on TV. If you did not have cable or satellite, then you would only get a fraction of the games. I really do not watch a lot more on TV during the season. If it was Summer, then the only thing that is really on is baseball. I sort of watch baseball, but it is not like I have to have it. I could really live with it or without it.


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