Faded Some Lines on My Bottom

Divine Derriere might sound like an adult film from France in the 1970s, but it’s actually a health product designed to lighten dark spots on your body. Most people use it in very private areas such as around the vagina or on the penis, but I wasn’t quite in that boat. What I did have was a dark line right underneath my buttocks on both sides of my body. I think I’ve had it for years because I used to see it and think it was a spot that wasn’t getting a tan. You know what those look like.

Well, it wasn’t that because over time these lines got darker, not lighter. Plus I quit laying out so tanning had nothing to do with it. I think it’s a spot that doesn’t get a lot of exposure to the air and maybe that has something to do with it. Whatever caused it, I didn’t think it represented a serious threat to my health. It was more of gee this really bothers me situation. It got to where my eyes went straight to them if I was looking at myself in the mirror. I knew I was going to try and get rid of them before I even started trying to do it.

I went online and found Divine Derriere. It is, admittedly, a rather expensive bleaching cream, but it is a good one. It contains seven bleaching elements that work in concert to get rid of your problem. I had to have my husband help apply it, and that often meant I had to lie on my stomach for about an hour so it would absorb without getting rubbed off by movement in clothes, but I saw real results and quite quickly as well. I would say it’s about half as dark as it was when I started, and I deem that a success.


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