Dog Owners Will Love This

By far, one of the most creative and funny things I’ve seen is socks with your dogs face on them. It’s so simple that anyone could have thought of it, but I never did, and many other people didn’t. It’s something that I didn’t know I wanted until I actually saw a pair. My dog is one of the cutest dogs on the planet, and I would be proud to have his face on my socks. I just had to order some, so I got three pairs in three different colors to wear when I go out and around the house.

I wore the socks to my parent’s home. They have a dog of their own who sits around, mostly sleeping all day. When they saw my socks, they wanted a pair of their own with their sleepy dog on it. The thought of that dog on a pair of socks really made me laugh. The dog already has a funny look while it’s sleeping, seeing my parents walk around with sleepy dog socks was just too hilarious to me. The dog looked up a few times while I was laughing, but it didn’t care too much and just went right back to sleep.

I showed the socks to a friend of mine who also has a dog, and she loved them. She has a big dog, but her dog is a lot more active than mine or my parents. Sometimes the dog is a little too hyper and likes to jump on people when they come in the door. He always tries to lick me, and I have to play a game of dodge the tongue. While I was at her home, my friend took a picture of the dog to put on the socks that she was going to order.


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