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Dog Owners Will Love This

By far, one of the most creative and funny things I’ve seen is socks with your dogs face on them. It’s so simple that anyone could have thought of it, but I never did, and many other people didn’t. It’s something that I didn’t know I wanted until I actually saw a pair. My dog [...]


Pots Can Even Make Cake

I can’t believe how quickly these easy Instant Pot recipes cook in my new Instant Pot. I’ve had the pot for a month now and anything I throw at it will cook. I wanted to give the pot a challenge, so I looked up something that would probably not be normally made in such a [...]


Suddenly, I Was a Business Owner

I used to work a job for a paycheck. They took out all the taxes. I was young and did not have any fancy deductions or any business expenses. Then, I started working for myself. I started a business, and I did not even know it. I took on a couple of jobs on my [...]