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Working to Get out of Financial Trouble is Easier Than I Thought

Christmas was near, and I found myself wishing that I didn’t have to deal with the holiday at all. I didn’t have the money for gifts for my very large family. I was having trouble getting my own bills paid, and buying things would make that far worse. My neighbor told me the company she [...]


Condo Project in Singapore Looks Like Golden Lanterns at Night

I like condo living. It is convenient and packed with super amenities that every tenant can enjoy. Sure, if you are a multi-millionaire, you can just have your own private pools, hot tubs, walking trails, cabanas and day beds outside. If you work a job for a living, then the New Futura condo in Singapore [...]


I Am Busy Around the Clock

I have been working pretty hard and I am also going to school after I work a full time job. I found a pretty good place to get my h2 physics tuition. Of course I am sleeping on the couch at my Mom’s place and none of this is much fun for me. I am [...]